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Great tips when buying the feeding bottles for babies


Feeding bottles for babies are one of the great ways of ensuring that our children are attended to even when the mother is far way. Milk is one of the essential foods that a baby needs because of the numerous nutrients that it contains. Kids are fed in some ways depending on the circumstances. There are some that are fed with the bottle whereas there are those that are breastfed. Bottle feeding is an art which is perfected over time because it involves pumping and feeding the baby with the bottle in question. The born free bottles leaking are some of the best feeding bottles for toddlers. Here are some of the tips when buying the feeding bottles

Do not be guilty


Some mothers feel guilty when feeding their less than one-year-old babies using the bottle. Well, you do not have to be guilty about this because whatever you are doing is not wrong. Bottle feeding will help you get a particular supplement with a formula which the baby needs. Moreover, bottle feeding will also give your husband an opportunity to participate in breastfeeding exercise. If for instance, you need to combine the formula and the milk for your baby then you may choose the right pump and bottle that will help you breastfeed your baby exclusively.

Breastfeeding pillow

When breastfeeding your baby, it is advisable to choose the right breastfeeding pillow. The position that you and your baby will take during the breastfeeding exercise is critical. One of the best ways of accomplishing this especially when it is the daddy who is breastfeeding the baby is by using the breastfeeding pillows. A great breastfeeding pillow is easily adjustable to fit the needs of anyone. It will adequately support your muscles which are great for feeding through the bottle and bonding. You should, however, change sides when you are halfway even with these pillows.

Right nipple

The type of nipple is similarly essential. In fact, the doctors recommend that you should choose a bottle with a nipple that replicates the breast nipple. If you are nursing, for instance, it is critical that you go for a bottle whose nipple acts like your breast. For parents who are practicing exclusive bottle-feeding, then a nipple that promotes oral development and healthy digestion is the best.

Get a bottle that you love


When buying a breastfeeding bottle ensure that you get a bottle that you love. The first breastfeeding bottle that you purchase does not need to be large. Feeding bottles come in two sizes; five and ten ounces. The five-ounce bottle because of its smaller size is perfect for the infants.