Importance of marketing


Marketing is one of the oldest services that has been a part of the business world since its advent. Many businesses that have a large market with devoted buyers attribute their success to marketing, especially using modern methods. There are various platforms that have made marketing very easy for everyone these days, making it possible for the smallest business to reach a multitude of people and gradually grow. However, many people are still skeptical on the importance of marketing, viewing it as an endeavor that is expensive and unnecessary. This article is to rest the thinking of the skeptics and reveal the roles that marketing plays in every business.

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Creates awareness of products

When any given company or business has a product that they want to sell, it is important to inform people of its existence and clearly outline how they can be acquired. This is efficiently done using the various methods that marketing avails. Using marketing platforms, information can be efficiently passed to people and inform them of the advantages a given product has. This will attract them and even allow people to budget for the product being advertised. It is most likely result in improved sales.

Creates employment

For a nation to be rich, and be able to avail all the necessary needs of its people, it has to ensure that everyone has a job and pays tax to run the public sector. Marketing is one of the top fields that allow people to get jobs and promote the development of nations. As a business, it is crucial to create jobs and make it possible for people to earn a living, and investing in marketing is creating jobs that help people earn a living.

Help people make decisions

When a person is looking to buy a given product, it is necessary to have facts that can be used to decide whether the product is suitable for purchase. Via marketing, a company or business can easily reach people and inform them of the advantages a given product provides. Based on the information that people get from the marketing endeavors, they realize that they need the product and eventually buy it.

These are some of the importance of marketing and why every business should have a thriving marketing department. It is important to use the modern marketing platforms given that they are more effective and affordable when looking to reach more people.

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